The process makes it possible for the team to stay updated on different people performing different tasks in the same program. You can copy a remote repository onto your local machine using the git clone command. By default, git clone will automatically set up a local master branch that tracks the remote master branch it was cloned from. Hence, edureka6.txt was not committed because it was not added to the index yet. But changes in all previous files present in the repository were committed, i.e. edureka1.txt, edureka2.txt, edureka3.txt, edureka4.txt and edureka5.txt. A version control application allows us to keep track of all the changes that we make in the files of our project. Every time we make changes in files of an existing project, we can push those changes to a repository.

When you modify a file, the change will only be found in the working tree. You must then stage the changes if you want to include them in your next commit. Once you finish staging all files, you can commit them and add a message describing what you changed. The modified files will then be safely stored in the repo. The index, or staging area, is where commits are prepared. The index compares the files in the working tree to the files in the repo. When you make a change in the working tree, the index marks the file as modified before it is committed.

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It fetches the latest commits from the master branch and puts our code on top of that. Git merge is a command used to get the files from the local repository into the working directory. Git commit is a command used to add all files that are staged to the local repository.

You’ve just added the files to the repository you just created on GitHub. The git remote -v command lists the URLs of the remote connections you have to other repositories. Git add is a command used to add a file that is in the working directory to the staging area. Git helps you keep track of the changes you make to your code. It is basically the history tab for your code editor(With no incognito mode ?). If at any point while coding you hit a fatal error and don’t know what’s causing it you can always revert back to the stable state.

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We can see the commit number and order of the commits. I will make a notepad, add something to it, and close it. If you check the folder, you can see several directories and configurations. Make sure you don’t make any changes to any of the directories. We can go to the git fundamentals directory location and check the Git_demo folder. If you intend to share this name with other people , you should create a “tag” object, and perhaps sign it; seegit-tag for details. Alternatively, Git has a native protocol, or can use http; see git-pull for details.

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