The new King, Hussein, embarked on an "experiment with liberalism" by introducing a new constitution that protected freedoms of expression, press and assembly. This should include A-Level History. In May 1967, Jordan agreed to sign a defense agreement with Egypt. This excludes General Studies and Critical Thinking.

A month later, Israel obliterated the Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, and Jordanian military in the Six-Day War, and took the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan. Entry requirements for all courses are PS9,250 Overseas charges PS20,000 Funding details Paying your fees. Another, more massive group of Palestinian refugees arrived in Jordan. Overview. Then, Palestinian militants ( fedayeen ) started causing problems for their country of origin and even hijacked three international flights, forcing the planes to land in Jordan. Explore the past and current topics by looking at them through the lens of film, art and literature.

The month of September in 1970 the Jordanian army launched an offensive against the fedayeen. This degree program provides an exciting opportunity to learn about the history of culture from to the Middle Ages through to the present day, encompassing art and architecture, as well as artefacts, literature, material culture, media and film. Syrian tanks entered northern Jordan to support the militants. Customize your degree and select from a wide and diverse selection of courses, ranging from gender and sexuality in the medieval Islam and the growth of New York as a cosmopolitan city. In July of 1971 the Jordanians beat back their opponents, the Syrians and fedayeen, bringing them across the border. Explore the medieval era of London by exploring its plague-pits, pubs and other monuments.

Two years later, Jordan also sent an army brigade into Syria to assist in fending off the Israeli counteroffensive during the Yom Kippur War (Ramadan War) of 1973. Learn about Japanese films or look into the Golden Age of Hollywood, or study the history of video games that range beginning with Pac-Man up to Pokemon. Jordan itself was not an enemy during the conflict. You’ll also have access to the full range of cultural, social, political and intellectual history modules offered by the School of History, taught by our internationally-renowned staff. The year 1988 was the first time Jordan officially gave up the claim of its territory to West Bank, and also declared its support for the Palestinians during their First Intifada against Israel. The degree can be completed by completing a semester abroad, taking a journey into a completely different society and culture. In the First Gulf War (1990 – 1991), Jordan supported Saddam Hussein and caused the break-up of relations between the US and Jordan.

Structure. The US pulled aid from Jordan and caused economic hardship. You can finish your Cultural History degree in three or four years. In order to regain international good standing In 1994, Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel which ended nearly 50 years of war declared.

If you decide to study abroad, it will be completed in Year 3 and Year 3. modules will be studied in Year 4. In 1999 the reigning King Hussein passed away from lymphatic cancer followed by the oldest son, who later became the King Abdullah II. Year 1. Under the reign of King Abdullah, Jordan has followed an uncompromising policy towards its unstable neighbors and has endured more influxes of refugees. Compulsory.

History in Practice : Unravelling Britain: British History since 1801 Global Encounters: Conquest and Culture in World History Screening History: The Past is represented in Contemporary Historical Film. Learning in the past and now. Select from. On a sunny day in June I walked into a classroom at a high school to sit for my final test on United States History IV. The Building of the American Nation: 1756-1900 Europe in a Global Perspective since 1800’s Reformation and the Revolutionary Era: Europe and the World 1500-1800 The Roots of Modern Thought: Introduction to Intellectual History Europe 1000- 1500: the Middle Ages and their legacy Controversies about Science and Technology within The Making of the Modern World.

I had made a attempt to study the previous night, but with disappointing results. Please be aware that each module is subject to change. I had only made it to the 75th page of the 400-page book. Year 2. My habits of studying writing in high school, evidently were not the best however, in college I’ve tried to improve my note-taking, learning, and test-taking abilities. Compulsory. One of the first things I attempted to improve during college was note-taking.

History Research Project. I would take notes in high school, but I frequently lost interest compared to the note-taking I did in college. Select from more than 25 modules, including.

Note-taking during high school courses usually started with drawing, doodling Martians or imagining what my signature might look like if I were to marry the man in the 2nd row. Architectural Architecture from London I 1660 – 1837 The art of France beginning with Louis XIV through the Revolution British Horror: Film Television and Literature from Muhammad through the Ottomans: A Historical Perspective of Medieval Societies Japanese Film: History, Culture and Fantasy London and its Museums Outsiders during the Middle Ages, Women and Gender in Late Medieval England, c1300-c.1500 The Georgians Society and Culture within Eighteenth century England Victorian Values Religion, Sex Race, and Deviance in Nineteenth Century Britain.

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