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About Us

Praetorian’s mission is to create value and implement innovation. We are committed to seeking positive outcomes for investors, companies, projects, and communities. We invest and manage with care and responsibility, bringing decades of experience, specialized industry expertise, and a growth-first philosophy.

Our holdings are focused on industrial and energy project consulting, commodity management, investment into and/or acquisition of full entities and divisions, strategic real estate holdings, and technology-driven market investments concentrated on risk mitigation. We deploy turnkey solutions and form strong connections with the managers and entrepreneurs we partner with to leverage our unique capabilities and experience to dramatically improve the bottom line and promote sustainable growth at both the project and company level.

Value Add Partnership

Data & Digital – Leveraging Data and Technology, Not Simply Debt

The breadth and complexity of data & digital solutions available to middle-market businesses can be overwhelming. Companies seeking to transform or digitally modernize their operations often fear that the energy, expertise, and dollar investment needed for execution would be too much of a distraction from core business activities. A private equity partner with strong data and digital capabilities can lead the business in building and growing technology-driven operations suited toward future growth.

M&A Execution

Building Industry Leaders

M&A strategy and execution are core capabilities at Praetorian. Together with the management teams, we aim to build industry-leading businesses by executing both highly strategic transformational acquisitions as well as smaller deals that drive consolidation in fragmented markets. 

We often take the lead on add-on target identification, due diligence, capital arrangement, documentation, and deal execution. This allows our management teams to fully participate in all the business dynamics of the deal yet remain focused on running the company and minimizing core business disruption.