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About Us

Praetorian is more than an industrial consulting and private equity firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

We deploy our turnkey solutions and form a strong connection with the managers and entrepreneurs we partner with and leverage our unique capabilities and experience to dramatically improve the bottom line and promote sustainable growth at both the project and entity level.

Our holdings are focused on industrial and energy project consulting, commodity management, investment into and/or acquisition of full entities and divisions, strategic real estate holdings, and technology-driven market investments focused on risk mitigation.

Operating Executive Group (Praetorian Holdings Group Board of Directors)

Building Industry Leaders

Praetorian’s Operating Executive Group (OEG) works closely with our portfolio businesses, acting as mentors to management teams by providing advice and assistance through various business cycles and challenges.

Members of Praetorian’s OEG are involved with each company in various capacities from initial screening through exit — consulting with management teams to add value through growth initiatives, operational improvements, and add-on acquisitions.